"I had a wonderful time on my personal shopping experience today.  Kristin encouraged me to try on things I would never have taken off the hanger otherwise - ironically these are now my absolute favourite items to wear.

The advice she gave me around shopping for my body type and styling was invaluable and I now feel thoroughly equipped to get back into the workforce with my new look".

Michelle Beattie - Communications Manager


"Kristin was able to completely transform my wardrobe from a disaster zone to an organised, functional space. She put together outfits for me and gave me great simple tips along the way to update my style as well as providing me with a list of staple pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Kristin listened to exactly what I wanted which was to work with the clothes I had and be able to quickly choose stylish, simple outfits for when I'm with my kids or at work. She is a great personal stylist and certainly delivered!" 

Caroline Cohen - Business Owner


"During my wardrobe audit, Kristin was extremely professional and informative. She talked me through why pieces did or didn't work for my body shape and made a list of must- have items to get on our personal shop.

Once we hit the shops we were on a roll and Kristin worked well within my budget. She understood my style and helped find pieces that better suited my body shape. I tried on and purchased many things that I wouldn't necessarily have done so when shopping by myself but I now absolutely love these items and feel so confident in them.

Thank you so much Kristin, looking forward to the next wardrobe update!"

Emma Cook - Insurance Broker